by Egyptian Cosmonaut

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released November 17, 2013



all rights reserved


Egyptian Cosmonaut Dresden, Germany

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Track Name: Never Trust a Prankster
before i was rich i was poor
i pinched pennies and seams too
payday brought bottles and bills
and tape for an old shoe

before i was cool i was lame
i wore the wrong sweaters
and took the wrong drugs
now im better

i was so unhinged

before i was loved i was lonely
can i move into your pocket
forgive me for being discreet
i dont cast a shadow
not since the dark shines on me

i was so unhinged
stranded on edge citys fringe

youre either on the bus
or youre off the bus
and if youre on the bus

before i was glad i was sad
i brewed tear with my own tears
the crusades took place between my ears
hanged tortured and beaten
cause of shit i didnt want to believe in
Track Name: Sussman Can't Sleep
can sussman sleep
no he cant
not with this thought in a noise contest in his head
he sees genocide where others see art
but thats ok
hes got a tonic to get over the bump

can sussman eat
no he cant
not with a belly full of heavyheartedness and regrets
from a steamroller blow to the chest
but its like anything
if its this then it cant be that

hes got no time for eternity
and actually he could not care less
its one of lifes little treacheries
that you say please before you make a mess

can sussman fret
yes he can
hes got a plan to have it out with the powers that aint
but god is not a rationalist
this is his plan for you
if you dont like it you can go to hell

his thoughts melt in the heat of ineloquence
and he could care less
his thoughts melt in the heat of ineloquence
and he gives a fuck
if questions arent obliged to give an answer
its no wonder that
sussman cant sleep
Track Name: TV is Killing us
tv is killing us
tv can be a bitch
tv is a real drag
and life is getting us down

tv is killing us
its over in the corner watching us
just waiting till you fall asleep
and life is getting us down

lets go for broke
with our newfangled toys
all us girls and all of us boys
whiplashed by bewildering joys
we got our pockets full of noise

facebook is liking us
all your friends are clicking god i like that
but none of them really even like you
and life is getting us down

youtube is watching us
its propped open in the corner watching us
all our secrets are on the line
and life is getting us down

id be real keen
to rent out the space
between your first and your middle names
sign here and make a million today
im already lost in your hazy maze

google is googling us
mother fucking god damn googling us
big brother is bothering you
and life is getting us down

dying is killing us
dying can hurt sometimes
dying just really sucks
and life is getting us down
Track Name: Prison Break
scapegoat fleeing in a flimsy escape boat
with an inconsequential head start
theres an angry mob with a tv reporter
plans to make him a good head shorter
the charges were made by a blind pi
in a case that would fail in fair court
so they locked him away on some trumped up offense
since they knew they wouldnt get legal support

lie low
preparing for the prison break
dig slow
careful not to make a mistake

he dug a tunnel a mile long
but sadly with no sense of direction
and thinking by now he must have reached the street
he popped up at the wardens feet
and what should he see but lawless activity
of the kind that condemns you for good
but the warden stepped out so all the evidence
pointed towards prolonging his sentence

its funny how you blame me
for all of your iniquity
but when i bust out of this jail
ill make sure justice will prevail

now im free of the shackles you taught me
and there is no hell to pay
and what should i see but a community
that is painfully afraid to be free
Track Name: Teddy
on a windy day
the people have birds on a leash
and he sees linear prisons
from the newtown to pieschen
it was a typical american foreign policy intervention
he fixes razors to a dragon
and leads operation force feed em freedom

up they fly
theres no limit to the sky
for an american small fry
with a penchant for surprise

the bullies from pieschen süd
are out skipping steine and skipping schule
and double trouble dog dare him
its scary but he stays cool
he knows he cant throw that far
and he knows the meaning of gefahr
so he hatches a plan like only an american can

from dusk till dawn
he combs the riverbank on his own
and drowns all the flat stones
cept for the final one he throws

if you mess with teddy youd be ill advised
a strong breeze might break him
but hes steel behind the eyes
hes a real smart kid
fact he invented the word
teddys headed to the top of the world
hes a real smart kid
fact he invented word
teddys headed to the top of the world